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Teresa Bubak-Mitela
( Philosophy Graduate & Graphic designer)
Magdalena Nałęcz
( Artist, Painter and the Technician of Usable forms)
    What connected us was our fondness for uniqueness and beauty.    
Our aim is to give the everyday life the aura of new forms,
colours and essences.
We design and paint all kinds of frescos and decorative ornaments on the walls of houses, balconies and apartments. We make the copies of paintings, portraits and we immortalize on walls the landscapes and memories of your holidays. The products of our hands are also all sorts of beautiful items which can become the unique present for a close person. Our main philosophy is to create aesthetical items of individual and unrepeatable nature.
Our collection contains: hand-made jewellery, carnival masks, hand-painted pottery, glass, wooden products, items made of salt mass, hand-decorated Easter Eggs, including the figurines of guarding angels – all of them possess the power of beauty and talismans.
Thanks to our professional education and experience in the field of art, as well as our fantasy, creativity and sense of humour we are able to present you any form of artistic solutions starting from your dreamt of interior arrangement and finishing with you individually designed presents.
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